The Bluest Eye                                          Literature of Social Criticism

Toni Morrison                                           MacPherson

Long Term Assignments




1)      Author Bookmark- Research Toni Morrison and create a bookmark.  Don’t forget to submit the biography to  (Projects)

2)      Study Guide Questions- Questions will be checked and reviewed on each reading block due date.  Be sure to provide quotes with page numbers. (Homework, Reading Check Quizzes, Projects)

3)      Passage Analysis- We will be examining several key passages as discussion starters and writing prompts.  Be sure to use a highlighter and make ample notes.  (Homework, Class Participation, Papers)

4)      Vocabulary- Vocabulary has been taken directly from the text.  We will define and then be tested on these words according to their use in the novel.  (Vocabulary Quizzes)

5)      Quest List- Each character is searching for things; keep a list of characters with what they are searching for in your notes.  Be sure to include quotes with page numbers.  (Homework, Projects, Papers)

6)      Point of View- There are many shifts in point of view throughout The Bluest Eye.  Track these shifts using post-its for a writing assignment.  (Class Participation, Papers)

7)      Structure- The Bluest Eye is not told in chronological order, why not?  What is Morrison trying to show?  Also, what is the significance of the primer used throughout the novel?  (Class Participation, Papers)

8)      Style- We will examine the oral tradition or “aural literature” as Morrison calls it.  More details will follow… (Class Participation, Papers)

9)      Literary Terms- We will define and discuss oxymoron, irony, juxtaposition, colloquial, and imagery.  (Class Participation)

10)  Symbolism- Be aware of the symbols of the house, the bluest eyes, and the marigolds. (Class Participation, Reading Check Quizzes, Papers)

11)  Motifs- Be alert to the significance of the seasons (and nature), color, and eyes (and sight).  (Class Participation, Reading Check Quizzes, Papers)

12)  History- A couple of things to think about—what was happening in the world in 1939?  Why might Morrison have set this timeframe as a backdrop for her novel?  What do the prostitutes’ names have to do with this time period?  (Homework, Class Participation)

13)  Poetry- We will examine the poetry of Langston Hughes, as well as other poets.  (Class Participation, Homework, Papers)