Othello-William Shakespeare

English II-MacPherson

Study Guide Questions


Act I

1.1              1) Who has Othello chosen as his new officer?

2) Why does this upset Iago?

3) Why does Iago follow Othello?

4) What does Iago say that shows we can’t trust him?

5) What do Iago and Roderigo go to tell Brabantio?

6) What does Brabantio suspect?

1.2              7) Why isn’t Othello worried about the charges brought against him?

8) Who is Janus?

1.3              9) What are the dukes and senators discussing?

10) What reason does Othello give for his and Desdemona’s love?

11) Where is Othello sent?  Why?

12) What warning does Brabantio offer Othello regarding Desdemona?

13) What does Iago repeatedly suggest to Roderigo?

14) Why does Iago hate Othello?

15) What is Iago’s plan?

Act II

2.1              16) What news regarding the war does Othello bring?

17) What does Iago tell Roderigo?

18) What reason does Iago give for this?

19) What does Iago instruct Roderigo to do?

20) How does Iago wish to be “evened” with Othello?

21) Why does Iago hate Cassio?

2.2              22) Is Cassio a drinker?

23) How does Othello show his authority when breaking up the fight?

24) What consequence does Cassio face for his actions?

25) According to Cassio, what has he lost?

26) What does Iago say about this?

27) What advice does Iago offer to remedy the situation?

28) How will this aid Iago’s plan?


3.3              29) What does Desdemona promise Cassio?

30) What action of Cassio does Iago point out to Othello?  Why?
31) What does Iago say about jealousy?

32) What does Iago advise Othello to do?

33) What does Iago refer to to show Desdemona’s power of deception?

34) Does Othello begin to doubt Desdemona’s loyalty?

35) Which of Desdemona’s possessions does Emilia take?  Why?

36) What does Othello say regarding his new insight?

37) What kind of proof does Othello demand of Iago?

38) What does Iago claim to have heard in the night?

39) What pledge does Iago make?

40) What honor does Othello give Iago?

3.4              41) What does Othello ask Desdemona to see?

42) Why does Desdemona think Othello is upset?

43) What does Cassio give Bianca?  Where did he get it?

Act IV

4.1              44) What does Iago tell Othello?

45) What is Othello’s reaction?

46) What is the next phase of Iago’s plan?

47) What “ocular proof” does Iago provide?

48) What does Iago suggest for Desdemona’s punishment?

49) What does Iago suggest for Cassio’s punishment?

50) What does Othello do, to the disbelief of Lodovico?

51) How does Iago get Lodovico to doubt Othello?

4.2              52) Why doesn’t Othello believe Emilia’s defense of Desdemona?

53) Is Emilia aware that Iago suspects her to have had an affair with Othello?

54) What reason does Iago give for Othello’s behavior?

55) What does Iago instruct Roderigo to do?

4.3              56) What song is stuck in Desdemona’s head?  Why?

57) Who does Emilia blame for women’s infidelity?

Act V

5.1              58) According to Iago, why must Roderigo die?

59) According to Iago, why must Cassio die?

60) What happens to Cassio?

61) What happens to Roderigo?

62) Who is initially blamed for the attack on Cassio?

5.2              63) Why does Othello claim that Desdemona must die?

64) What does Othello instruct Desdemona to do?  Why?

65) What does Desdemona say in response to Othello’s accusations?

66) What happened to Brabantio?

67) What role in Iago’s plan did Emilia realize she had?

68) What happens to Emilia?

69) What are Iago’s last words?

70) What does Lodovico find that reveals much of Iago’s plan?

71) According to Lodovico, what are the futures of Othello, Cassio, and Iago?

72) What does Othello instruct the others to do when retelling his story?

73) What happens to Othello?

74) Why isn’t this a surprise to Cassio?

75) What will happen to Iago?